Have you ever wondered how some people achieve great success while others achieve very little?

Consistency is the key.  Consistency is sticking to the same principles’ day in and day out.  If you want to achieve anything of value in your life, you need to be consistent.  This is true in every area of life.  If something isn’t working, ask yourself, “Have I been giving it consistent attention, energy, and time”?

Here’s an example for you … If you want to get in great shape, you can’t just work out one day a week or a month and expect to have an amazing body.

It doesn’t work that way.  You’ve got to be consistent every single day!  Making progress towards your goal by following a program for what you want to achieve.  Be consistent with that and over time you’ll achieve the goal you set for yourself.

It’s the same thing whether you’re building a business or growing a church.  If you want to build a business and make money, you’ve got to be consistent every single day for five days a week…not three days a week.  If you want a church to grow and prosper you’ve got to do the same…pay attention to it every day without fail.

Whatever your routine is, you’ve got to be consistent because the compound effect of consistency takes over which leads to huge results down the road.

But let me tell you something else … there’s no 100% consistency.  If you try to achieve 100% consistency, you’ll beat yourself up every time to get off track.  You’ll actually set yourself up for failure because no one is 100% consistent.  We’re all human.  We’re going to get off track from time to time.

So, what do you do?  You get yourself back on track.  If you get off track, it’s OK.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Get back on track, learn from it and focus on being more consistent as you move forward.

There’s a lot of strategies to be shared on how to stay consistent, but the most important one I focus on is having a strong enough WHY!  Having that dominant reason that will keep you going for the long haul.  This will help you create clear goals and should also create a sense of accountability to yourself.

This helps you see your daily goals not as a chore.  Not as something you have to do each day. It becomes something you get to do and something you love to do.

I’m currently in another country and I’ve been very busy conducting meetings, but I’m taking the time to write this blog because I love it and enjoy sharing principles like this with all of you.  I feel addicted to the process of it.  I’m absorbed by it!

Have a strong reason why combined with great goals and stay get accountable!  Take a risk and publicly declare things because this will add another dimension of accountability … in other words, you said it publicly so now you need to follow through, so everyone doesn’t think you’re a liar.

Thanks for your support, and please leave a comment on how this has impacted you as you.